Bloggers often struggle for attention in an online ecosystem that increasingly favors giant corporate media platforms that (to me) are the informational equivalents of McDonald's or Walmart. You know what you're going to get and you're going to get it that way every time: predictable, risk-averse, groupthink narratives smothered in the homogenous goo of soulless writing. There's another option. 


In contrast, bloggers are the old curiosity shops of the internet, each one unique and rough around the edges. Yes, true, you'll find quite a bit of junk out there, but also delightful treasures for those willing to look. This quirky demographic has been my target audience for five years now. I'll wager that since you're even here in the first place means you're one of those folks willing to take the exit ramp off the information superhighway to explore the Web's forgotten backroads. Contentwise, you never know what you're going to find - maybe even two dubious metaphors crammed into one short paragraph - but that's all part of the fun. 


On that note, before you turn around and get back on that information superhighway, check out some other bloggers out there you may find interesting. Go down a better rabbit hole! 


Rather than creating my own list, I've posted a couple of links below that will take you to otherwise hard-to-find blogs broken down by topic. 

Ye Olde Blogroll - A regularly updated and human-curated list of blogs on various topics. Or, as Ray, the site's owner puts it: " is a living map pointing the way to solitary souls plunking away on their electronic scrolls amidst a vast sea of bits and bytes." Indeed.

The Big List of Personal Websites - Just that, a minimalist list of links along with a short description of the blog.