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Welcome to Steelsnowflake!

My goal at Steelsnowflake is to write engaging long-form essays on topics in the humanities. My bet is that there are still people around willing to read something that requires a few minutes of time and attention and wasn't created to shock, outrage, sell you something don't need, or trick you into clicks that lead nowhere. Take it or leave it. I hope you'll take it, or at least take a chance and explore what's here. As the world's worst self-promoter, I do little on social media to advertise this site, and really don't care to, so this is it: open to all but known by few. 


While you're at it, have a look around and see if anything catches your eye. I write about history, philosophy, literature, poetry, and art, just to name a few things I'm interested in. If you like (or hate) something, let me know. I love to hear from people who share these same interests. In the real world beyond this screen that we're both staring at right now, I've found it increasingly difficult to come across such people.


So let it be here, a respite from the cacophony in an ocean of it.


- Paul D. W.

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