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About Steelsnowflake

Welcome to Steelsnowflake!

In the offline world, I'm a nondescript office worker doing nondescript office things in nondescript office ways. Enough said on that, lest I bore you to death! My goal at Steelsnowflake is to write engaging essays on various topics in the humanities. Since I have few friends who share these same passions, I write here for people like you to randomly find and hopefully enjoy. As the world's worst self-promoter, I do nothing on social media for this website, and don't care to, so this is it: open to all but known by few. I like it that way.


Anyway, while you're here, have a look around and see if anything catches your eye. I write about history, philosophy, literature, poetry, and art, just to name a few things I'm interested in. If you like (or hate) something, let me know. A little feedback goes a long way for someone like me writing for no particular audience and with no agenda other than sharing a love of learning and culture. Otherwise, thanks for stopping by, and have a nice day!


- Paul D. W.

 I can be reached at: