As a lifelong student and lover of the humanities, this blog was created to celebrate that passion. Here you'll find my take on any number of issues: some social commentary, a bit of history and science, a foray or two into philosophy and religion, some questionable poetry, a few rants about the perils of technology, a (very rare) dive into politics, and many other things. Simply put, this is a sanctuary where I can slow down and wrestle with big ideas in ways that are increasingly hard to do in our fast-paced world. Some like-minded lost souls find their way here by accident and enjoy what they read. Others find it tedious. That's okay. My style is not for everyone. But if anything resonates or challenges an assumption or two, then that is okay as well, because it means I didn't do this in vain. Otherwise, dear Stranger, thank you for stopping by and reading some of my writing.