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Welcome to Steelsnowflake!

Going on seven years of writing here, my goal for 2024 is to keep publishing engaging long-form essays on various topics in the humanities. My bet is that people are still willing to read something requiring a few minutes of time and attention that wasn't created to shock, outrage, or sell you something you don't need. You get enough of that elsewhere. 

Since you're here, have a look around to see if anything catches your interest. I write on the topics I'm passionate about, mainly history, philosophy, literature, poetry, art, and whatever else comes to mind. Ideally, I like mixing these topics into a kind of humanities hodgepodge. After all, they're all the same thing: stories about people telling us truths about ourselves. 


Finally - and I hate that I have to say it - but the writing here will never be AI-generated. Good or bad, it's all me, written entirely by me, and always will be. I'll not let a robot do my thinking or writing for me. What's the point otherwise?

Anyway, let me know if you like (or hate) something you read. It's good to hear from other readers out there. I'm one too. We have that in common and, I suspect, a whole lot more.


As always, thanks for stopping by.

- Paul 

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