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Avond (Evening): The Red Tree by Piet Mondrian - 1908-1910


They say

History will judge

that accounts will be settled

and debts paid

in tomorrow's land

of eternal sunshine

in that parched desert kingdom

of Everafter

where the sun always shines


History will judge

and the ravenous ghosts

and restless spirits

of crimes long forgotten

will finally rest in peace

and find consolation

after the reckoning for

all the violence

and hate

and theft

and corruption

and cheating

and lynching

and oppression

and rape

and murder

and genocide


then we can rest easy knowing

History will judge

and that will be enough

that's all it will take

to calm those

ravenous ghosts

and restless spirits

and my conscience too

so say a prayer

for the future

and have no fear but that

History will judge

and set things right

since there is

no better slayer

of monster bones

than this new

smuggled-in God

same as the old God

to let us sigh

in blind faith and

meekly embrace

the silence of now

and justice for later


History will judge

but not today

it ain't happening today

or this week

or this year

or in this life

but never fear that

it will happen

that someday

History will judge

and meanwhile

tyrants die in their sleep

murderers in the shadows creep

yet I feel fine

and so do you.



Paris France

November 2021


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