• Paul D. Wilke

The Daydream Assassins

Look all around

in the crowded parks

on the busy streets

in the packed trains

on the narrow balconies

of cut and paste

tenement blocks.

Search far

and wide for

the one looking up

at nothing

doing nothing

not one goddamn thing

but lying on the grass

or sitting on a park bench

or looking out a window

like an idle idiot

a lazy loafer

looking up

at nothing

that we

can see

doing nothing

that we

can see

maybe staring

at the clouds

in the sky


the stars

in the heavens

or what the fuck?

There's nothing extraordinary

out of the ordinary

it's all quite ordinary

whatever's up there

that we cannot see.

So then why does he do it?

What good does it do?

What money does it make?

Do something for Christ's sake!

Go someplace

look forward

or backward

or down

or at a screen

or a mirror

or the medicine cabinet

if that's what you need

just move out

with a purpose

any purpose will do

like the rest of us

But looking up?

And at nothing

in particular?

No, this will not do!


Grab his attention

and yank him back down

to where he belongs

with the rest of us and

do it now


before anyone else wakes up.



Paris France

October 2021

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