• Paul D. Wilke

What If We're the Problem?

What if...

What if we're the problem?

What if we're the virus killing Momma Nature?

What if we're causing her fever?

What if we valued balance over excess?

What if we worshiped creation and not consumption?

What if we didn't eat so much suffering?

What if we treated the food we eat like the pets we love?

What if we treated all life with respect?

What if we stopped treating Momma like a whore?

What if we treated her like a Goddess instead?

What if that's the answer?

What if that's the cure?

What if money's not?

What if we quit pretending everything will work out?

What if we realized this is our only home and there's nowhere else to go?

What if we stopped shitting all over it?

What if we found another way?

What if we just shrug and say, 'not my problem?'

What if we choose again?

What if we don't?

What if we won't?

What if we can't?

What if it's too late?

What if Momma does it for us?

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